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2015 Peer Supporter of the Year

Congratulations to Craig Burleigh of the Santa Barbara Police Department. He has been selected as the California Peer Support Association's Peer Supporter of the Year for 2015 by the CPSA's Executive Board.

Craig's’ nomination for Peer Supporter of the Year reads in part:

Hands down, Craig Burleigh, is the epitome of peer support. Despite that fact that he has little department support, he goes above and beyond, and pays his own way.

He takes peers to appointments, reaches out for help and stays on top of it all even when that means his fourteen hour day extends into evenings and weekends.

Because the department has no peer support unit, when a co-worker was depressed and suicidal, Craig made the phone calls, reached out to the CPSA and through his networking contacts, got the help for this very much in-need coworker. Even if it meant putting his own family and life on hold while he made daily contacts to make sure this individual was safe until other help could be put in place.

This was only one case, there have been many similar situations, and Craig is always there.  Not just there, but continues the necessary follow through until such time as the co-worker is back on their feet.

Craig exudes care and support. Craig maintains this positive support day in and day out in a department that rarely acknowledges the great work he does and the fact the peer support is a necessary part of the work of emergency first responders.


Congratulations Craig!

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