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What is Peer Support and How Can it Help Me?

Peer Support is a process where a person discusses a personal issue with a non-professional, usually a friend or a co-worker. A person will select a peer support person primarily based upon trust. Most only share problems with someone considered credible, able to listen without judgments and capable of maintaining confidentiality. Peer Support members have the responsibility to understand their role and its limitations. They are trained to employ active listening skills, to avoid “solving” or taking on the person’s problems, and when appropriate, to refer the individual to professional resources.

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The California Peer Support Association is a registered non-profit with the California Franchise Tax Board and the Federal Internal Revenue Service (Tax ID 33-0952454).

The California Peer Support Association operates www.CaliforniaPeerSupport.org as a service to all Fire, Law Enforcement and other Emergency Personnel.

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