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2008 Annual Conference

The SFSD Peer Support Unit sent myself and two others to the 2008 conference. We found the conference to be a great way of invigorating our people and unit and a great source of information.

We are always looking for speakers for our in-house update training and it was great to see and hear people give their talks that we had not seen or heard before. This "try before you buy" was really helpful to us when we went back to our agency to pitch for various presenters. We have used one of the 2008 presenters so far (Mary Lasher) and have another one (Scott Klocker) scheduled for June 2009. The price of the conference was well worth what we got out of it. We plan on sending more members to the 2009 Conference.

Mike Gunn
San Francisco Sheriff's Department

Basic Peer Support taught May 8th & 9th, 2008

"That was a great class and as I have said already, I would love to have you both back for another class. All of the attendee’s are saying really good things about the class, and are much more confident about speaking with their Peers now".

"I had very little knowledge of who you guy’s were. I knew that you taught the Mitchell Model so I was hoping that all would go well".

"Your class was perfect!! You guy’s work together very well and your method of teaching was easy to understand and kept everyone interested. You went far above my expectations. I doubt that you will ever need it but, if you ever need a recommendation you can count on me".

"Thank you again for taking this class on short notice and doing such a wonderful job".

"Remember that we would like to be of help if anyone is visiting Las Vegas and needs us to visit them for any reason".

Best Regards,

Tom Ferrara, Peer Support Team Coordinator

Henderson Police Department


Basic Peer Support taught March 13th & 14th, 2008
“This was a great program.  I rarely give excellent scores for any training courses I attend.  This one earned straight A’s.  Would love to bring you two to our Dept. in the future.”  Chaplain Terry Morgan, Placer Co Sheriff.

“Enjoyed this class very much.  Went by very fast!”

“I am glad I experienced this class and the instructors were great!”

“This class far exceeded my expectations!”

2007 Conference Attendee's Blog
"This last week’s training and conference were the most helpful to me in all of my 33 years of law enforcement. It was a blessing. Keep up your good work."

In appreciation, Michael J. Stow, Commercial Policing Unit, Visalia P.D.


A note regarding this year's CPSA training conference from the San Bernardino County Fire Department CISM Team.

We can't express enough appreciation regarding the quality of training, networking, and friendships made.

Our team has many new members who are enthusiastic and have the right heart for CISM/Peer Support. For a few, this was their first training outside of our monthly meetings. For others, this was continuing education. For all of us, having the opportunity to meet people outside of our department who share a kindred heart and enthusiasm for taking care of our own was a real encouragement.  Some of our members realized for the first time that we aren't the only ones who are doing this. This is exactly what we hoped for. There are some things that simply have to be experienced before they are fully understood. The conference provided all of this & more.

Yesterday, we had our first monthly meeting/training since the conference.  The enthusiasm from the conference made a difference during our meeting. Also attending was Jim Cook from Riverside County/Cal-Fire.

I think he summed it up best regarding the CPSA conference; "one of the best peer conferences I have attended." I agree, as did all members of our CISM Team.

On behalf of our CISM Team, THANK YOU!

Dave Burkart


“I HAVE had numerous occasions to put my new listening/suggestion skills to use! I have had a friend, family member or co-worker request my attention for one crisis after another – pretty much on a daily basis for the last two weeks! Just seems like there is a lot of illness and stressful situations happening all of a sudden!”  Anonymous



I learned that I have the greatest group of “real & genuine” friends, all because of CPSA! ~ Linda Bell

"I learned that CPSA is still one of the most awesome organizations for emergency service personnel ever.” ~Bonnie Spitzer

 “Networking is the best source of information in all areas of peer support. This often times eliminates re-inventing the wheel.” ~Errol Bechtel


 “I enjoyed networking with people forming new peer support programs. I also benefited from the break-out on adolescent issues, and (as always) appreciated Dr. Jon Mills and his contribution to CIS Debriefings. ~Danny Salazar


 “The most beneficial message I came away with was don't forget to take care of the debriefer’s/peer supporters. If we don't, we are at risk of losing a very valuable resource.” ~Ronnie Georges


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